We help to Proactively Analyze All Trading Activities

By allowing a client to discern intentional from unintentional trading digressions and detect trader/customer fraud, TGS provides full visibility of clients` trading activities at the exact time an event occurs and its resulting impact

We Deliver a More Efficient Compliance Process

Using the automated identification of hundreds of trading patterns, compliance personnel can shift from time-consuming and manual methods of data gathering and anomaly detection, to focusing on the most urgent and threatening issues automatically identified by algorithms

We Help to Reduce the Cost of Compliance

TGS allows compliance officers:
• to reduce reliance on IT team members for data and internal/regulatory reporting
• to reduce time and staff resources required to investigate any suspicious activity by implementing an application immediately ready for use

Pre-built behavior pattern detection algorithms

Adaptability to industry regulatory changes

Iterative data processing model allows for efficient behavior pattern detection expansion

Tools for custom, ad hoc algorithm creation

Comprehensive instrument coverage with trader, customer, security and account alert focuses

Full documentation of data model and algorithm logic

Complete documentation, workflow, and audit trail

Extensive monitoring of potential market abuse/manipulation

We Decrease the Risk of Negative Trading Events

By making all traders` activities visible and logic reasoning tested, TGS prevents both the long-lasting accumulation of loss-making positions hidden from the oversight of the management and the seconds-lasting opening of fraudulent trading positions implying instantaneous losses

We help to Duly Respond to Regulator demands and inquiries

TGS covers numerous asset classes, marketplaces and jurisdictions, through the use of practice-tested scenarios to identify key patterns. Leveraging multiple detection cycles (for example, intra-day, daily, multi-day), our clients can faster and with higher accuracy respond to regulator demands and inquiries

We help to Arrange Better Documented Compliance Process

Provides compliance officers with market and reference data to enable the fast processing of alerts and efficient management of case investigations. Allows to achieve quicker time to compliance with a comprehensive and transparent audit trail that meets regulatory needs